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Giselle's Light Green Golden Pensamiento Earrings Giselle's Pensamiento Earrings Giselle's Breezy Pensamiento Earrings
Giselle's Breezy Eucalyptus Earrings Giselle's Purple Rustling Leaves Earrings Giselle's De Las Pampas Earrings
Vesta Garnet Red Earrings Vesta Amethyst Purple Earrings Vesta Aquamarine Blue Earrings
Vesta Emerald Green Earrings Vesta Iridescent Alexandrite Earrings Vesta Peridot Green Earrings
Vesta Tourmaline Pink Earrings Vesta Ruby Pink Earrings Vesta Spinel Blue Earrings
Vesta Spinel White Earrings Vesta Topaz Yellow Earrings Vesta Zircon Blue Earrings
Giselle's Breezy Eucalyptus Necklace Giselle's Pensamiento Flower Pendant Necklace Giselle's Perched Pitayumi Necklace
Giselle's Breezy Pensamiento Flower Necklace Giselle's Leaf Links Necklace Giselle's Smokey Eucalyptus Necklace
Giselle's Leaves and Stones Necklace Giselle's Rustling Leaves Necklace