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FallenPatriot™ Program - Honoring our Heroes!

Thank you for your interest in Carved Creation's FallenPatriot™ Program. In celebration of Independence Day 2010 through 2014, we undertook the goal of providing a FallenPatriot™ Pendant for each parent or spouse who has lost their loved one in either Iraq or Afghanistan in defense of our cherished freedoms at absolutely no cost to the recipient.

With the help of 50 volunteers and over 1000 hours we have hand-made 2,468 FallenPatriot Pendants. This year have just as many volunteers lined up to repeat the task. Although these free pendants are no longer available, if you have lost a love one in any conflict or would like to honor a soldier currently serving, we have created the Patriot™ Bracelet or Pendant that can be purchased at a 50% discount. Click Here for details. 100% of all funds collected going to support the FallenPatriot™ Program.

If you would like to donate your time to this program Click Here for Volunteer Details.

Warm Regards,

Wesley P. Weaver